About Me

Kelly Sherman-Conroy; Mato Wašté Winyan (Good Bear Woman), I have grounded my life in the Holy Spirit and the deep spiritual practices intertwined between my Lakota identity and Christian beliefs. As a proud member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, I dedicate my time to social justice, racial reconciliation, Indigenous leadership, interfaith movement ministry and, healing. Walking with people of all cultures, I actively provide experiences around the exploration of intersections of identity, personal narratives, and faith.

I am a Systematic Theology Doctoral student in the midst of finalizing my dissertation where I continue my much-anticipated studies on Lakota thought and philosophy and create a healing narrative that moves past trauma, and how these inform Christianity. All this is done with high respect for my Lakota Sioux identity and Christian beliefs.

I continue to travel and speak about the traditions and values of the Lakota people and the vibrant role culture has within healing, and the church experience. As the Holy Spirit thrives in the community, I try to uplift inclusive church culture, integrating spiritual practices from multi-cultural experiences to create an inclusive Beloved Community for all.

I have vast experience in family ministry, social justice, and healing work, which enables me, I find, to reach others with humor, warmth, transparency, and strength.  I am making sure I am always connected to uplifting the children and youth of today.

I’ve been told my ability to speak the truth in love from an Indigenous perspective coupled with my humility and humor makes for a powerful reception of truth. I guess you will have to find that out for yourself!