My Promise

Hello World!!! This post is LONG overdue but WELCOME to my blog!

Similar to all the different paths I’ve taken, there are many different sides to me.  I can be very funny, serious, sweet, fierce, silly or cool depending on the situation and what we’re talking about.

I don’t believe in boxes. People are complex. That’s why I’ve continued to search until I found the space to be wholly me, no parts left behind.  And this is about the journey to be ME! So here is my promise to YOU, currently taking the time to read “sacredthoughts” when there are 1 billion other things on the internet you could be reading.

I will:

– Be honest, truthful and unfiltered in telling stories that are personal to me and the things I see in the world(no #fakenews, #alternativefacts but maybe #opinionsyoudontlike).

– Offer personal perspectives from time to time, just as a fellow, real human being paying it forward by sharing some wisdom passed down to me. Helping to heal through an Indigenous perspective.

– Share the world through sight and sound. Our connection to creation is so very sacred, there is so much around us that offers healing. I will share what helps in my journey of healing.

– Not to be complacent. My thoughts on subjects may evolve as I do. Basically, I’m. Just. Doing. Me.

Thank you for following along on the journey.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton