Memories – wókiksuye

So much is happening around me. I have found my mind searching for anything that can bring me a moment of peace. A happy memory. And I found one. So I chose today to write a poem about my Grandparents. Because every memory I have of them makes my heart, my face, my soul…smile.

A picture of you, I save in my mind. You are a part of me. In my heart I carry you. A solemn remembrance, Since you went away.

I struggle to find your words. The sound of your voices are distant now. But your wisdom still remains strong.

My body, my skin, my mind, Carries you and my ancestors. A simple narrative, Spinning within my soul, Dancing within my mind. Reflecting on the shadows of the past.

A picture of you in my head. Breathing life into the air around you. Every breath a prayer. I release a peaceful sigh.

There you are, A memory within my soul. There you are, The warmth I was seeking.

Painting by: Frank Howell- “Grandmothers Gift of Fire”

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