Prayers of Intercession: wóčhekiye

Prayers of Intercession

Written by Native Theologian Kelly Sherman-Conroy

L: God, our magnificent Teacher, let this sacred time of silence bring forward in our hearts all that hides and keeps us from not being fully present in relationship with you and your Beloved Community.

C: No longer will we survive but not live.  Move forward, but not grow. Sit in silence, but not hear. Within this quietness, begins growth. 

L: Creator God, we acknowledge the land with which we reside carries the stories of suffering, courage, and renewal, and continues to hear the cries of your sacred people. Help us Lord to hear and learn the stories of its original stewards.

C: No longer forgotten and unseen. May Indigenous People know that they are remembered and seen by you Uniting God.

L: God of all nations, you have shown us that the Indigenous People of this land exemplify the diversity of the gifts you instill within the kin of your creation.   We give you thanks for the diversity of peoples, culture and blessings of this wonderful family of creation.

C: No longer forced into silence.  May the Dakota, Anishinaabe, and all ancestral people of this land teach us to honor the gifts of all creation, our Beloved Community.

L: God of the healing spirit, we pray that your healing grace may continue to move through our Indigenous siblings and all who live here. Together may we become free from the bonds of suffering.

C: No longer will we remain divided. We pray that our minds, our bodies, our spirits, know your healing grace, so that we may live as one family with many beautiful gifts.

L: Loving God, you gave us your Son Jesus Christ, the great reconciler who loved us so much that he taught us how to experience your full community with our whole selves.   Help us to trust in your unfailing love.

Now we silently pray to you Lord. Hear the prayers in our hearts… (silent prayers of the people)

C: Challenge us. Broaden our minds and guide us deeper into your sacred wisdom. When we become uncomfortable, quiet our spirit so that we can understand. As we pray, know that we are ready to learn. Help us daily to discover the wonders of your wisdom. Give us your strength to live and grow together in your spirit so that we become teachers of your limitless grace and love.  AMEN

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